There is a stigma a very positive stigma added to the term GOURMET. We see it in all different food types and chef creations.

Look at this video for example:

Even the accent of the presenter screams gourmet – doesn’t it!

I like to think, a gourmet basket we create, is a one-time feast. That is a balanced selection of deli style foods that go together to make up a tasty feast for the recipients to consume soon after receiving it. These guys do gourmet very well have a look at some of their ideas.

This is what we would add:

Tasty or mild depending on what your friend likes.
Try and choose an imported brand
Chicken liver is a safe bet
A rich fruit spread or jelly is yum
Dark, Milk or white again you will know what they would appreciate
I prefer to add champagne
Make it a chiabata or a fancy bread

We would tend to put in multiple cheeses in fact multiple of most of the above items. Just think feast and base it on the number of people you expect to be eating it all. Have Fun with it 🙂

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